Avoidance and Procrastination

Avoidance and Procrastination are two of the most destructive aspects of the human mind. It is the tendency to give things that we do not like, the big swerve.

You try to block the issue out of you mind.

I’ll do it later.

I have many much more important things to do.

You avoid relationships and situations that you are not comfortable with?

You walk away from things that you do not like?

Reality Hits

You cannot block it because it keeps rearing its ugly head time and time again.

Later never comes.

If you took care of this issue once and for all you would be free of the mental nagging and you could get on with the “more important things”.

You will never have that peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have dealt with problems that should have been wiped off the slate long ago.

You need to face up to these relationship issues. It can take an effort to get comfortable with some things.

Free Your Mind

Your life, your future, is too important to have issues hanging over you for days, months, years.

You will not be able to give your full attention to the aspects of your life that are important.

It is only by cleansing your thoughts and dealing with actions that should have been attended too long that you will have the mental and physical freedoms to target a better life for you and your family in the future.

Deal with it. Now!

Welcome to My favourite action: –

1. Make a list of all the outstanding problems, issues, thoughts and actions that you need to eliminate from your life.

2. Hit the list  hard and sort yourself out.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how refreshing this renewal can be. It is like a clear wave of fresh, warm, comforting water embracing your whole being.

You will find yourself ready to face the new world with confidence in the knowledge that you have abandoned all the negativity in your life behind you.

Emotional fluff?

No! Believe me.

Try it.