It seems to be easy to acquire “Bad” habits. Not so easy to gain “Good” habits.

When we are trying to change our lives, there are many unproductive thoughts and activities that get in the way.

These thoughts, these activities, limit our ability to concentrate on the things that are important and can help us to achieve the change in our lives that we wish.

If we are seriously intent on making real changes in our lives we need to eliminate the thoughts and activities which are robbing us of our time and concentrate on the important elements in our lives.

Unproductive Thoughts And Activities May Come To Us At Any Time.


  • On getting into bed and our minds might begin to wander. We worry about all sort of things. Can we pay the mortgage? Is the car going to start I the morning?
  • Do I have enough money to pay the bills next month?
  • As you daydream through the day doing nothing productive that contributes to making progress with a secret ambition.
  • As you work through your daily routine activities.
  • As you drive the car to work.
  • As you take the children to school.
  • Are we constantly harking back to the past?
  • Do we harbour regrets for things done or not done?
  • There is no limit. Some of these thoughts will be productive; some are unnecessary and merely time robbers.

So, How Do We Go About Eliminating Our Time Robbers?

Well, the first thing to do is to try and understand exactly what activities and thoughts get in the way of future progress.

  1. One good way of doing this is to make a list of all the thoughts and worries that we have on a daily basis.Try doing this in an excel spreadsheet. Make each entry on a new line in the spreadsheet. This activity could take some time. But you will find it well worth the effort.
    Take your time. It is important to get as complete a list as possible.
  2. Once you have your list, review the list and highlight any thoughts or activities that you have no control over. Why not highlight them in red, or with the red highlighter if you are doing this on paper.
  3.  Select all those activities highlighted in red and copy them to a separate page in the existing spreadsheet. Name the sheet, “FORGET”
  4. On a separate page, copy all the activities and thoughts that you can control and what do something about. Name the sheet, “MY ACTIONS”
  5. Look over the “FORGET” sheet and actively start putting these thoughts and actions out of your mind. You’re saying goodbye to things you cannot do anything about. There is absolutely no point in wasting your life thinking about things you can do nothing about. Say goodbye to these worries.
  6.  Take the sheet labeled “MY ACTIONS”, and prioritise each of the actions, numbering them, for example, one to ten.What you are trying to achieve here is your first action list of unproductive actions and thoughts over which you have control and plan to do something about now.It can be useful to attack the easy items on your list first; all those that can be completed quickly first. The psychological advantage of this is that as you eliminate those thoughts and actions you can see some real progress quickly.
  7. Make a plan to concentrate on eliminating items one to ten.
  8. NOW YOU MUST TAKE ACTION. If you do not take action you’re wasting your time.
  9.  Once you have remedied some of the actions, review the list and highlight the next group of activities and thoughts to be eliminated. Repeat the process.As time goes by you will remember new things and the list will grow.



In time, you will have cleared the clutter from your life. Having eliminated all the thoughts and activities that uselessly take away from your time you have now freed yourself up to concentrate on the positive aspects of your life.

You have eliminated some bad habits and slowly built up a positive new habit.

You have started to equip yourself we have one of the most productive tools, to forging a new life for yourself, your family and friends.