If we truly desire to improve the lot of others and help them, we should first look to our own improvement.

Improving ourselves is all about changing our habits.

It is reckoned by some experts that to change a habit will take a minimum of 30 days of persistent effort, others say 90 days.

The older we grow the more difficult it is to change our mentality, our approach to life, our ingrained habits.

Changing our habits must be done in a structured way. We need to reprogramme our minds and our bodies.

First of all, we need to have a specific goal in mind in order to plan the changes we want to make.

In other words:

“Why do we want to change? What are we trying to achieve?”


Secondly, we must take control of our thoughts.

If we stop and think about how we control and manage our thoughts, most of us might find that our minds are in total confusion flitting from one thing to another.  This is especially true and easy in today’s world of the Intenet, Facebook, Google, Instagram Email and the hundred and one distractions around us.

Most of us do not ‘think’ our way through the day, we just bounce around from one thing to another more by chance than design.

We must analyse our thoughts and ask, “Are my thoughts contributing to the change I want to make in my life?”

If my thoughts are contributing in a positive way I need to encourage those thoughts. If they are not contributing I need to manage my thoughts and escape from their distraction.

If my thoughts are not contributing to the goal I have in mind I need to manage my thoughts and escape from their distraction.