The Transformation of our World

The Transformation of our World is happening faster than it has ever done because of the evolving technologies.

Here are just a few examples:

We have moved from the era of outsourcing jobs to third world countries to massive data systems integration and automation. The basic technology is there and it is forging ahead.

The ambition of Amazon to make deliveries by drones and futuristic depots in the sky is well known. (Oswald, n.d.)

Driverless Vehicles

Uber currently employs thousands of drivers across the world but is already developing its own self-drive car technology.

What will the future impact be? Fewer taxi Drivers and delivery men. (Dogtiev, n.d.)

Lyft is a taxi company which has partnered with Ford to make self-driving cars available to the Lyft service by integrating the Lyft app and a Ford vehicle. (Hawkins, n.d.)

Experiments are now underway for automated lorry convoys. At the moment, it is proposed that there will be one driver in the lead vehicle. How long for? How long before that driver is seen as the weak link and disposed of (Editorial, n.d.)

Driverless trains are already the norm on many of the low speed rail systems. Further advances in this direction will impact the livelihood of bus drivers, delivery vehicles, taxi drivers, and many more. (Amirtha, n.d.)

Omar Rahim and Elon Musk predict that in a few year’s time, it will be safer for cars to be driven automatically and that humans will be banned from driving. (Weston, n.d.)

Artificial Intelligence


Andrew Griffiths writes in the Independent that Robot Judges Could Soon Be Helping with Court Cases

“An Artificial Intelligence judge has accurately predicted most verdicts of the European Court of Human Rights, and might soon be making important decisions about cases. (Griffin, n.d.)

No profession, and few communities, families or individuals will be spared the impact.

Artificial Intelligence applications are being used by doctors to find the right treatment for patients. (Kite-Powell, n.d.)

“The most popular AI product 20 years from now that everyone uses has not been invented yet” (digital visionary Kevin Kelly). (Kelly, n.d.)

Volkswagen are using augmented reality to design their vehicles.  Ford designers are already using Microsoft HoloLens headsets to fine tune fine elements of their designs. (, n.d.)


Crypto Currencies

Kenya is the first country in the world to convert to electronic money for all transactions. 95% of the countries daily transactions are carried out using the M-Pesa. Small market traders are the biggest users.

In January 2017 Mark Zuckerberg flew over to Kenya to get personally acquainted with its use and capabilities. (Wikipedia, n.d.)

Bitcoin is a crypto trading currency. Blockchain is a trading platform technologies that will allow the widespread use and exchange of digital cryptocurrencies. There are others Abra, and Jaxx already allows dealing in 8 of those currencies.

Citibank already have a project underway to integrate crypto currency transactions. Once that happens the whole way you get paid for your work and pay for products will change. There will be no tax dodging in future. (Tapscott, n.d.)

3D Printing

Bionic limbs are getting more and more complex and realistic. Microsoft is helping to create 3D printed prosthetic limbs. This technology will be made available anywhere in the world. (Ray, n.d.)

A Chatbox service will soon start to take the place of teachers and be able to give instant feedback to students. (McTague, n.d.)


Inflation is now an ever-present element in your life and your government is creating it deliberately by printing money and devaluing its purchasing power. (Desjardins, n.d.)

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality goggles are almost everyday toys. How soon will it be before there is a direct connection through the optic nerve into the brain. Instead of you visualizing objects on a computer screen with 3D graphics card. The object becomes an extension of your bodies.  (Gribetz, n.d.)

Endless Change

The list goes on and on. The transformation impact is accelerating all the time.

The examples above represent global transformation in the world and environment over which you will have absolutely no control what so ever.

You will not be able to avoid the impact of this transformation. To some of this theses changes will hold fear, how can we cope how will we survive?

Fear or Opportunity?

There is no need to fear the rapid evolution that is taking place.

At the same time this accelerating change is presenting each and every one of us with more and more opportunities.

This also has its problems. Too much choice can be a curse in its own right.