Virtual Coach – A Mentor. A Guide. A Business


The role of the Virtual Coach is one of the fastest growing business in today’s world of rapid change.

Have you ever thought that you could help and guide others?

Do you think that you would like to help others change their lives for the better?

Well, you can.

I used to think that to be a coach to anyone implied that I needed years and years of life experience and that I was totally unsuited to the role of coach to anyone.

The Reality

Anyone can train to be a Life Coach. Yes, it required specialized training. It requires a degree of rigor, but it is not beyond the capabilities of most.

Virtual Coach

The most important attribute you need to be a Virtual Coach is the ability to listen.

You need to be able to help a client clarify his or her life ambition.

Then you need to work with them to put together a logical plan to enable them to achieve that ambition.

You will act as a Virtual Buddy and hold your client’s feet to the fire, so to speak, and keep them on the planned trajectory.